Founded to serve the natural hair community, formulating high-quality products with ingredients that are 100% natural and organic. Our rich formulas contain powerful antioxidants, natural Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, Omega 3 & Omega 6. HairDiction products promote healthy hair growth while restoring, replenishing, and revitalizing your natural hair.

HairDiction is in the Health and Beauty Industry to create and deliver safe, organic, and effective products. For Black women looking for high-quality hair care products that work and are natural and chemical-free!  HairDiction formulates products and services to educate, empower, and inspire women to rediscover  the beauty of their natural hair. Our products focus specifically on the needs of our customers, helping women achieve their ultimate hair goals. At HairDiction we are challenging societal norms and the status quo about what hair type and textures are seen as acceptable and deemed as beautiful. 

Be Naturally Beautiful! -HairDiction 


Crystal Paul is the founder and CEO of HairDiction, a 100% natural and organic hair care line. Providing you with products that contain the finest quality ingredients; helping restore moisture, shine, and bring radiance to your natural hair. Crystal is committed to formulating quality crafted hair products that are organic, safe and free of harsh chemicals and contaminants. Crystal has personally been handcrafting natural and organic hair products for the last six years for her daughter, family, friends, and herself. She uses HairDiction products on her grade school daughter and herself. 



HairDiction was founded out of necessity after our Founder and CEO gave birth to her daughter 6 years ago and suffered from Postpartum hair loss and shedding. This hair loss devastated Crystal but also motivated her to find a natural remedy and solution to restore and regrow her natural hair. She frantically searched the Health and Beauty Industry looking for a product that was natural and safe to use with her newborn. It was important to Crystal to use safe and natural products free of toxins and chemicals on her daughter and herself, especially when it comes to hair and skin care.   



Crystal's personal experience with hair loss and wanting to help others is the motivation behind the creation of HairDiction. Meeting the gap in the market as there were no products on the market that addressed her concerns or met her needs. HairDiction is naturally the right choice, formulating hair care products that work!



HairDiction has created the solution! Hair care products that are safe, effective and are 100% natural! Our products contain natural ingredients making it a non-allergenic product line that makes it suitable for all hair types including sensitive and allergy-prone individuals. Our ingredients are safe for users with scalp, skin, and hair sensitives, along with being kid friendly. ​All products are free from harmful and toxic chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, sulfates, pesticides, silicones, mineral oils, and petroleum. HairDiction products are crafted in small batches and are made to ensure the highest quality.


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